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Where do we meet?

When you're thinking of having your family photos in Perth, the options are almost endless, but I think the best photos are taken where you feel happy. The beach, the forest, the park, a field of flowers, or a comfy chair in your home all make for beautiful photos. Abundant light makes for soft pictures, and sunrise and sunset give that golden glow.

What time should we do the shoot?

There are two good answers to this question:

From a photographer’s point of view, I love to shoot at sunrise and sunset, and the time around those. That may mean very early starts to catch the first rays, or late endings to get the golden light as the sun goes down.

From the point of view of little ones, your shoot is always easiest and best when everyone is well-fed and well-rested. We can always find a perfect spot where the light falls softly in the middle of the day.

Many of the photos you see here have been taken at all hours of the day - so one thing is for sure...Perth family photos are always pretty.

What should we wear?

In order to capture beautiful family photos where everyone looks and feels their best, it's worth putting some thought into your photo shoot wardrobe. Take some time to consider what clothes make you feel good.

If you're planning a family portrait, it's a good idea to choose a palette that complements each other and makes your photos look cohesive. Instead of matching, try to coordinate your outfits. I recommend selecting something timeless, without logos or prints.

When it comes to colors, it's best to choose a range of neutral or pastel clothing. Bright primary colors might not photograph as well as more muted colors do.

Also, keep in mind that your location can affect your wardrobe choices. For example, if you're taking photos at the beach or river, natural or pastel colors work beautifully, while earthy colors are more suitable for the bush.

Of course, we can always discuss your preferences before your photo session.

Do we have to bring props to the shoot?

As I love natural photos best, I generally don’t use props in my shoots, but if there is something you would really love to have in your photos, feel free to bring it along!

Should we do hair and make-up?

Looking and feeling your best on the day of the shoot definitely makes you feel more confident, which shines through in your family photos. It’s not necessary to get your hair and make-up done professionally, but taking the extra care really makes a difference to your photos in the end.

How long will it take to get your photos?

After your session, you can’t wait to see some photos, I know! That’s why I’m a real believer in getting your photos to you as quickly as I can. Your online album, with carefully edited images will be ready within a week of your session.

If you are from out of Perth, and heading back soon, I will prioritise your session so you get it almost immediately.

How many images do we get?

You'll get all the good photos from the session - from experience, during an hour, there are at least 60 great photos, and sometimes more.  They'll be a mix of candid and posed photos, portraits and group shots, and maybe even some surprise moments that'll make you laugh. 

How much is a family photo session? 

I charge a once-off, upfront amount  to photograph your family


This includes...

Your photography session, that lasts around an hour.

A private online gallery of your high resolution images, watermark free and personally edited. 

 Six 5×7” professional, archival quality prints of your choice.

And what if there are a lot of us?

The more the merrier! 

Cousins from over east, grandparents from afar, bring them all!  Getting everyone together is precious and these sessions are always full of fun and laughter.  

The cost of these sessions is 


Everyone in the family is able to receive the link to the family album to download their high resolution images, and from there  choose to print them, or order directly from me, for museum quality art prints to last a lifetime

Where can we see your wedding photos?

To see more of my wedding photography, please hop over to my wedding site, The Love StorWedding Photography

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions, concerns or ideas you would like to talk through your family photography. Everybody is unique and I am very flexible. 

I’d love to hear from you.

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