I'm a Perth family photographer,  a mum, a wife and a friend.  My style is relaxed, easy-going and and natural, and my favourite family photos are beautiful, honest and full of love. 

Suggestions of family locations in Perth are limitless...If you want to head to the beach, the park or just hang out in your backyard, it's my aim to make sure that you get  photos you love. Photos in which you feel like YOU -  so that you can always look back on your photos with joy.

I am a full time professional photographer and have been photographing families professionally for over ten years.

I love my work because it is full of fun and adventure.  My camera takes me to the coolest places and people where I get to make friends, share hugs, laughs, high fives and sometimes even get a little cuddle from chubby little arms too.  

Please get in touch if you would like to chat about your family photos :-)

Love Anthea x

Get in touch for your photos :-)

Anthea Kirkman


0428 915 559

South Perth

Who am I?

I am me, but I think I'm a lot like everyone else too... 

always striving to be cool, calm and collected..

but actually a tiny bit mad, kinda quirky and very excitable (hey, aren't we all?) 

a big Nikon fan and I've just received the latest and greatest model for summer '24

I am dreaming of all the fun places this baby will take me. Maybe even to you :-)

Besides photography,  I love yoga, cake, tiny babies, small children, old people and everyone in the middle, as long as they are nice. I try my heart out for almost everything I do and I love giving more than receiving. I love my friends, my dog, cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles, Taylor Swift (best to sing along in the car to) weddings, the colour yellow and my doing my work.  I love things that are natural and things that are fun. How about you?

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